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Milich's Village Inn

4444 Cleveland Massillon Rd., Barberton, OH, 44203
(330) 825-4553

Created by jim0266

Restaurant Details
$ ($0 - $14)
Kid Friendly, Business
Not Required
Mon-Thur 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Fri & Sat 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Sun 11 a.m.-9 p.m.
Mastercard, Visa
Location & Nearby Info
Milich's Village Inn
4444 Cleveland Massillon Rd.
Barberton, OH 44203
(330) 825-4553
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Reviews & Comments
Mar 27, 2013 - photokenn

My family has been going to this restaurant for over 50 years, but the last time we were there the food was extremely greasy and when we said something to the server and the man running the cash register they acted like it is a common thing. NEVER have we have food as horrible as we did that day and we have decided that we will not pay for food that was unfit to eat and will never set foot in that restaurant again.

Jul 08, 2012 - Scoozie

Just to add my two cents, I would like to say that the chicken at Milichs Village Inn is a personal favorite of mine and although I live in TN, I never miss an opportunity to have this wonderful meal when I am in Ohio. Just as many others have revisited their memories of this food, I can state that even as a small child, I remember what a treat it was to come to Milichs and eat their chicken. I can remember all the famous "chicken houses" Barberton has boasted, and have eaten at most all of them, however Milichs remains a personal favorite. The restaurant is always clean, although it is "dated," and the food is wonderful. Simple "bread and butter" is the perfect accompaniment with the finger licking great chicken, and the unique "hotrice" that I actually have the recipe for,(courtesy of a former employee who owed my now deceased grandmother a favor) but never tastes quite as good when I prepare it as when ordered at Milichs.The staff are hardworking and always courteous, and although the meal has become much more expensive, they serve it with a smile and are always friendly and welcoming to those they serve. Belgrades has gone too high volume, Hopicans seems dirty in the front of the house, and Whites just never appealed to me, but Milichs is and always will be a memory of wonderfullness that sings a siren song to me when in Ohio. I always bring a large amt. of their product back on the flight to Nashville for the hubby and have often been asked by fellow fliers, "What is that wonderful smell?". I waste no time telling them about Milichs!!! The only other chicken I have ever had that compares with this divinity is the fowl made and served at Lorantffy Nursing Home in Copley Ohio. They make it with LARD! I do not know if this is the way it is prepared at Milichs, but for a once every two to three year treat, It Is Worth IT! Oh......and the vinegar based slaw? HEAVEN!, and NOT that calorie laden mayo crap that only those with a fast food mentality would favor. All in all, Milichs is a delicious and highly favored institution in the annals of Ohio foodstuffs for those willing to be open and not allow their "kids" to dictate what is worthy of eating!

(no rating) Jul 08, 2011 - jondraeberhard
Fried Chicken home style

The very best ever! Order the traditional chicken dinner smothered with french fries and try the hot sauce (rice cooked with a hot tomato sauce) with it...you will understand the reason why the sliced bread and butter goes so well with the meal! I grew up eating at Barberton chicken houses and consider it a special treat when I return to my home town for family visits.

Apr 03, 2010 - reynold p desman jr

(no rating) Feb 16, 2010 - bassnb

I'm sorry nojsoma72 that you don't have the open mindedness to accept that there is more to fried chicken than just the "Southern Style" that you're used to. I have been going to Milichs Village Inn with my whole family, grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins since before I could walk. Every member of my family has always had a fantastic meal every time we have been. This place is a landmark and has been in operation since 1955! I love the fact that it is the same now as it was in my childhood. Anything can be remodeled and look like everything else. This chicken was based on a Serbian fried chicken dish and is NOT anything like KFC. You're ignorant to think that the only style of coleslaw is the mayonaise loaded crap with carrots you get at KFC. As far as the seasoning in the chicken goes, there isn't any. Once again that is the pre-conceived notion of fried chicken that it has to be spicy or heavily seasoned. The method of preparing and cooking this chicken is what makes it unique to Barberton. It's also what sells over 7 1/2 tons of chicken in Barberton a week! I now live in North Carolina where there is great southern fried chicken, but I still get mad cravings for Milich's chicken. There is nothing else that can compare! I think you should stick to KFC or Popeye's or maybe more up your alley...Wal-mart! I'm sorry you were disapointed after driving all the way from Mansfield to Barberton (1Hr mind you). Please stay home. Don't mess with Barberton's birds!

(no rating) Jan 14, 2010 - angel4u2_8
To each his own

To the reviewer nojsoma72, to each his own. I'm sure your trip "all the way from Mansfield" was terrible considering you didn't like to eat what Barberton and surrounding area residents have been enjoying for many years. Next time you come to Barberton, make sure to leave Milich's Village Inn off your list of places to go. Everyone has their own preference in food but we will gladly eat what we call WORLD FAMOUS BARBERTON CHICKEN!!!!

Dec 14, 2009 - nojsoma72
Not What We Expected...

This was an interesting experience. My wife, three kids and myself all had to go to Akron to look at a car the first week of December 2009. Since we were coming all the way from the Mansfield area we thought we would stop and check out the lake in the middle of Barberton which I had heard about a few years ago. While researching Barberton on Wikipedia I discovered that the Barberton area is supposedly "world famous" for chicken. Our family are fried chicken nuts so we thought we would check out one of the four famous chicken houses listed on the Wikipedia page. By looking at the reviews for some of the other chicken houses online, we decided to give Milich's Village Inn a try. We also were very impressed with their website which was very professional, inviting and modern - just how we expected the restaurant to be. Boy were we in for a shock. This establishment looks like an abandoned restaurant from the 60's. When we first pulled up, by the looks of things, we actually thought that maybe they weren't open for business anymore. The inside of Milich's perfectly matches the outside - old and outdated. Not surprisingly, the menu matched the inside and outside decor perfectly. Sometimes a lack of updates can be charming - in this case, it is not. The menu was difficult to understand. We had a family of five, but could not find a family deal on the menu. If we wanted fried chicken, the only options available were FOUR piece meals with three sides for approx. nine dollars each (without a drink). Do the math on that one. That would be over upwards of $60 with tip. Not to mention the fact that no one in my family can eat four pieces of chicken and three sides - that is ridiculous. If you can do that then I recommend getting some blood work done at your earliest convenience. I told the waitress that we could not eat such large portions at which time she said we could order off the kids menu which I thought was reasonable. Two pieces of chicken and three sides for about five or six dollars (no drink included). We were waiting on our food and the waitress brings over a few slices of bread and some butter from a loaf of bread she had just opened. Yes, you read that right. Not home baked bread - there were tons of loaves of bread (schwebel's I think) that she was just opening and bringing to the table. I've never seen this done before. It seems very lazy and actually kind of embarrasing that they do this. What restaurant brings you a few slices of bread from a loaf of bread that you would buy at a store? Milich's Village Inn does - that's who. So we didn't have to wait too long for this world famous chicken (10 minutes maybe). Except for myself, all of my family gets cole slaw as on of their three sides which they all hate. Turns out that this is a vinegar based cole slaw, not a creamy cole slaw. No one in my family had ever had this variation before. The potatoes and gravy were instant and were fair at best. I did enjoy the green beans, but my children did not care for the fries which they normally devour anywhere we go. Now let's get to the chicken... what can I say? Very average if that. No spices of any kind in the breading. By appearance and taste I would compare it to a boxed frozen chicken you can buy at Walmart - maybe a little better. I would give it a 5 or 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. To me chicken is like pizza - It's good even when it's bad. I cleaned my plate, but more becuase it was 2:00 p.m. and not because of the deliciousness of the meal. Why is this place famous? Why is it still open? Why is this chicken famous? And why did they open a loaf of store bought bread and bring it to us? I am not a KFC fan, but Milich's Village Inn could learn a thing or two from even fast food chicken.

Sep 18, 2009 - COLORADO59
Best Chicken Everywhere

I have been going to Milich's since I was five years old. I live in Colorado now and the night before I fly in I can almost taste it. When I go back to Colorado I always have a 60 piece tub and a half - gallon of hot sauce. It is the best.
Lynn Arvada, Co.

(no rating) Sep 08, 2008 - CindyinSC
Milich's Village Inn

There is no better chicken in the WORLD!! Ate at Milich's regularly since a child (born in 1962) but moved at age 15. I now live in Myrtle Beach, SC, but no southern fried chicken has EVER matched up to Barberton chicken. I am so glad the tradition and quality continues!

Oct 23, 2007 - sunoil
Milichs Village Inn

We love their chicken dinners. We Lived in Ohio for many many years and now California, but when we go back our first stop is Milich's for their delicious chicken. The best we have ever had.

Winnetka, California

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