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Neighborhood Ohio City
Accessibility Accessible to persons with disabilities.
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2020 Martini Cafe & Lounge

2020 Center St.,Stonebridge Condo, Cleveland, OH, 44113
(216) 575-0202

Created by pierre

Restaurant Details
$$ ($15 - $30)
Fun, Romantic, Business
Not Required
Mastercard, Discover, Visa, American Express
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2020 Martini Cafe & Lounge
2020 Center St.
Stonebridge Condo
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 575-0202
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Reviews & Comments
Apr 25, 2009 - SandyBeach
Weird Experience

This was our second time at this place. The first time, we checked the website for hours, went one afternoon to find they were closed. The hours on the door didn't even match the website. The place looked nice. However, the staff acted like it was their first night open. Someone greeted us, we followed him to what we thought was going to be our table, instead he sat with some other guests, turned around and said oh just pick a table. Waitress came over and informed us they were out of salads, chicken, steaks and corn bread. That left seafood and pizza. We ordered an appetizer that came DURING our meal. The food was good, overpriced. Service was a bit bizarre, music too loud. Would never return.

Apr 11, 2009 - ht1032
Beware of this Place

I am witting this with a deep sadness. I am so upset at the way my out of town quest (Chicago) and local friends were treated last (April 4, 2009) nigh at your establishment. We had attended a funeral that day was full grief and food. I thought it would be a nice way to unwind and relax after a long day. We attended the Roy Ayres Concert last night for the 10:30 show. As we stood in line we were impressed by the building decor and the atmosphere. I have never been to your place of business before but have bragged about it ever since I seen the opening with late Congress Women Stephanie Tubbs Jones. I was so impress with what I had seen and was happy to hear a person of color, a female and I do believe a fellow Shaw High School alumnus. I even drove to the area several times to find out exactly where the building was located.

We were a party of six and after being informed that you only seat four to a table we were seated at table #66. Then we were greeted by a our server who approached us in a way that made us all look up at him and wonder if did we do some thing wrong. As he aggressively informed us know that there is an automatic $12.50 charge to everyone at the table regardless if we order something or not. We asked him to explain what he was saying, because by the way he said it we were confused and agitated by his demeanor. He informed us that it was printed on our ticket stub which there was not a ticket stub. Then he said it was on our print out which we had. We read over my Pay Pal print out and didn't see it. Then he said it was on the menu. We read that over and didn't see it. Needless to say since we felt that we were being forced to purchase something that we didn't want or need. We order several items (Order # 174 from the top of the receipt and Order # 35813 was printed on the bottom of the receipt). Then one of my guests from Chicago wanted a Pomegranate Martin. This same server informed us that they were only serving the Martini's that was listed on the menu because of the show. She ordered a wine instead. But we wondered why would a place name 2020 MARTINI BAR only server a limited selection on a busy night. We took that in stride also.

We asked to speak to manager to get a better clarification. A medium built male came over, the one who was getting the crowed pumped up just before Roy Ayres came on stage. When he arrived we explained to him what we didn't understand and he informed us he would have the owner to come over and speak to us. The owner never came over, as a matter of fact no one came over to explain the $12.50 issue. When the food was brought over to table by the same male, we asked him about the owner and he informed us that if we didn't want the food he could take it back and throw it out or something. It was difficult to hear what he was saying but the response he gave was diffidently not what we excepted to hear.

I as so hurt, mad and upset with the attitudes of your employees and for my own embarrassment that I wanted to leave before the show was finish, which is what we did. When our check was brought over to us it was $79.00 and some change. We paid in cash and when the server took the money I informed him to keep the change since the gratuity was already include in the bill. If it wasn't there surely would have been any. The server who I believe is named Manny because of what was printed on the receipt, took the money, balled up the receipt and put the $80.00 in his pocket and dashed away. We all just looked at each other and knew then it was definitely time to go.

I and my guest always try to support minority owned establishments. I don't go out much, but I will just to show some support. And I will return even if it was not what I expected. I understand that it could have been an off night, or maybe a misunderstanding. But last night, the way we were treated by your staff makes me wonder if I would ever come back to your place again.

I really don't want to feel the same way Willma09 (July 21, 2008 Howard Hewitt Concert) and Mark Chang (August 25, 2008 "Disappointed) from Ohio.Com

Please contact me with an explanation

As of 04.11.09 I have not been contacted

(no rating) Aug 04, 2008 - DTERRY

I went to their “Grand Opening" and was disappointed with the service (staff), but I figured it was their first evening opened so I will not hold that against them.

I then decided to have my 30th b-day dinner there and was TERRIBLY DISAPPOINTED!!! I had around ~10-15 people there. Not only was the service HORRIBLE, but they had us wait for our orders for 30+ mins and it was not even crowded. We were supposed to have two waiters for my area because it was a rather large party and we could barely find one to assist us. When we finally did get our food, it took over two hours for some in my party to get their checks, because the system was down again (it was down the night before). My server had the worst attitude, because we needed water, silverware, our food and our checks, like we were inconviencing him?? WHAT?? Some of my guest never even received some of their dishes or drinks! They spilled a plate of food on my guest, served my sister a sausage pizza with breakfast links on it. Seriously I could continue on, but it would take toooooo long:(

Needless to say I was soooooo upset that they ruined my bday...O by the way I was suppose to have a cake with my name and stuff on it and when they finally brought the cake out, it had nothing on it. On top of all this, they had the audacity to call me the next day and tell me some of my guest didnt pay their bill....ARE YOU SERIOUS???!!!! I COULD NOT BELIEVE THE INSULT. The waiter couldn't even tell us or bring us our orders, so to insult myself and my guest...

Needless to say, I would not recommend this place to anyone. I even read the other reviews and even after reading the other horrible experiences, I wanted to give my people a chance...NEVER AGAIN...and please if I were you I would not go here!

(no rating) Jul 21, 2008 - willma09
Howard Hewitt Concert

First of all where do I begin. I paid $55 for what I thought was considered VIP. Seating was not together whatsoever. I sat at the bar with my family from LA. I brought my sister to the spot because it's all I talk about. I was so shamed the way we were treated by the owner Eddie. His attitude was horrible. We were inquiring about the VIP seating and his attitude was "It's all VIP". We stood in line for our food and we watched folks walk in from outside and pay general admission and got in line and got food. COME ON. No order whatsoever! I am so mad at you guys right now it's not funny and you had the nerve to charge $10.00 for every drink served. My uncle pays $5.50 for his vodka and it's the cheapest in the spot, but for some reason, you charged him $10.00 and he went off. I just don't understand. I have supported you guys when you opened your doors on Feb. 16th and I have been in your spot every other Friday and I've brought tons of folks to your establishment. I cried because I was so embarrassed. I pray to GOD that you guys get your act together before you began to lose customers. I'm done, I will no longer support you.

Apr 25, 2008 - Mark chang

After hearing numerous radio ads, coupled with requests from my wife to check out 20/20, we finally made our way over to the Flats on the first warm night of the Spring. Upon entering we were impressed with the vibrant decor, relaxing live music and attractive crowd. We had a bit of a wait for a table, but no more than 10 or 15 minutes.
After being seated, the waitress deposited two menus on our table and allowed us time to make our selections. We chose two signature drinks and placed our dinner order at the same time.

After a short wait our drinks arrived and we settled in to take in the music and the crowd. Now, the menu is not a very elaborate list of items so we made a simple selection of two sirloin burgers and french fries. That's where the
trouble began.

After 30 minutes of waiting, during which time our waitress was nowhere to be found, our food finally arrived with no napkins, silverware, condiments or water.

Over the next 20 minutes we unsuccessfully tried to get 4 different servers to simply provide us with silverware and condiments to eat our meal, but each time we were met with "I'll be right back," wherein the individual would walk off never to return. They would even pass our table several times in their journeys to complete other tasks as we grew increasingly aggitated. This behavior was even repeated by a young man who was identified to us as "the kitchen manager" who delievered the meals to our table. When we inquired as to whether or not the owner were available, were informed that she was in Las Vegas but that her "boyfriend" was taking care of things for the night. When we attempted to gain his attention as he passed our table numerous times that evening, we were politely snubbed in favor of what must have been more favorable or "exclusive" clientele.

Finally we were able to snag a young lady who was working in a promotional capacity collecting entry blanks for a giveaway and she was gracious enough to take care of our needs, even though it was very apparent bythe way that she was dressed, that this was not part of her duties or responsibilities. Of course, by this time our meal was cold and I was ready to leave but my wife was hungry and didn't have the desire to wait inline at another restaurant.

Our food was returned to the kitchen by another apathetic server who returned two minutes later to exclaim, "I warmed this up," and then promptly departed.

After the total disregard and utter lack of respect that was shown to us that evening, the original waitress had the audacity to show up with the check to inquire about our visit. It took everything I had, plus the gentle hand of my wife on my arm, to keep me from telling this woman what I really thought.

I understand that many new businesses go through some growing pains when they initially start out, and through discussions with my wife we are willing to give 20/20 a second chance based on the laid back crowd and enjoyable music but, I think we'll enjoy our meal beforehand and simply relegate ourselves to a quiet table or loveseat in the back where the wait staff won't have to feel troubled in the future.

Apr 13, 2008 - mzschell1


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